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Self Observation and Self-Inquiry「自己観察」と「自己への問いかけ」

English follows:


エゴに意識がとって変わることは、力によってでもなければ知的なコントロールによるものでもありません。もはや真実ではないとエゴが自らの幻想と向き合い、自らの誤った姿勢を手放していくことで、徐々に体の個人としての意思決定が手放されて行きます。エゴからアウェアネスへの変遷は、自然に緩やかに起こっていきます。エゴによる見せかけは、真実の前に崩壊していき、覚醒前まで持っていたコントールを手放していきます。アウェアネスはこのプロセスを、「自己観察」と「自己への問いかけ」という二つのやり方で促進していきます。この“気づき”と“観察”はどちらも必須のものです。この二つの方法により、アウェアネスが覚醒を引き起こし、覚醒によって得られた気づきを完全に自由な状態まで深めることを可能にします。実際、本当に必要なことはこれだけなのです! もしこれらの方法に継続して熱心に取り組んだならば、あなたの内なる静けさは徐々に広がっていくでしょう。



Awareness, the one and only consciousness we are all part of, observes the movie our bodies are participating in from inside out. Rather than witnessing the appearance and behaviors of the physical form, Awareness watches thoughts and the emotional reactions as the body goes through its role in the dramas it is subject to. Awareness sees firsthand what choices the ego makes in each and every scenario, and silently, without judgment, is submissive to all of them . . . until a spiritual awakening occurs. When that happens . . . all at once Awareness has a different role to play. . . It now has the job of replacing ego’s choices with Its own, more accurate intelligence.

This supplanting of ego is not done by force, or by intellectual manipulations. It happens in an easy, organic way as the discredited ego is confronted with its own illusions . . . surrendering its erroneous positions . . . and gradually releasing its control of the body’s choice making process. In other words, ego’s facade begins to disintegrate in the face of Truth . . . and will no longer control the body the way it once did prior to the body’s awakening realization. Awareness facilitates this process with Self Observation and the use of Self Inquiry — both of which are essential noticing and questioning. These two strategies, initiated and managed by Awareness Itself, can trigger an awakening and deepen that initial realization into full liberation. Actually, they are all you really need! — when practiced diligently and consistently! . . . they lead to the expansion of inner silence.

Ego cannot Awaken or deepen an Awakening on its own. Never mind, for now, that it is a fiction . . . its role is to think and react . . . guiding the body with its limited, imprinted beliefs and attitudes. It cannot observe itself in action, or be objective about what the body has experienced through the senses. Because the ego-mind creates an imaginary personal story, which needs to be seen for what it is, Awareness Itself gently confronts this fiction until it surrenders its illusionary existence . . . gradually moving toward accepting the TRUTH of “what is.”

You are this Awareness, and YOU must Awaken to facilitate this process.

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