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Attachment 愛着

Blog May 15

Ego says, “I can’t live without this person, this relationship, this home, this income, this crystal, this accomplishment, etc.” Since the natural order of things in a human life is that everything comes and goes, we do not get to hold onto those we love. When we lose them we will grieve, (yes even Awakened people grieve the loss of those closest to them), but we do not need to get stuck in our grief. We can feel our feelings of loss and at the same time be at peace with what has happened, and appreciative of the time we had together.

Whatever it is that we become attached to, it most likely will not be with us until we die, as everything comes and goes except for our actual existence as consciousness. Who or what we are attached to is going to leave us at some point, unless we leave them first.

The good news is that we do not need to do anything to “let go of our attachments” before Awakening, just be willing to. Most of us who are ripe enough for Awakening have already discovered that there is nothing in the material world that will bring us unwavering peace and joy, so we are no longer looking for it in people or things. We are willing to divest ourselves of anything that keeps us from Awakening.

Once Awake, we discover that it is possible to love everyone exactly as they are, without any clinging. We can see them as they really are (us in a different form), and know there is nothing that could ever separate us from them, even if we never see them again. When we know who we are, we no longer emotionally react to physical separation the way we did before Awakening.





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