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Deepening an Awakening 覚醒をディープニングする (〝悟後の修行〟)

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My spiritual awakening in 1993 brought a huge ah-ha that changed my perception of reality forever, but fully integrating and embodying that shift in consciousness has been an ongoing process.

Each time I was faced with a situation in life that triggered a physical or emotional reaction I was able to release something that lingered from the past. Here’s how I did it: Whenever a reaction to life’s circumstances appeared I would welcome it, feel it, and allow the energy it stirred up to flow through and be released of its own accord. I used self-inquiry to stop thinking about what was happening, or what could be done to change the reaction or the circumstances that evoked it. Emotions that had been repressed since childhood showed up, and some would hang around for weeks before the disturbing energy dispersed. These were the many opportunities to re-identify with the ego’s fabricated story that began to be “on parade” in my mind. It was as if consciousness was asking, ”Can you remain in stillness with this?” and “How about this?”

Full House Cleaning

As the years passed, every circumstance I had ever resisted showed up, pulling me into one form of chaos or another. That included: being injured when my car was hit from behind; hospitalization for liver failure from taking an ordinary over-the-counter pain medication; a dramatic loss of income and enormous debt; estrangement from a loved one; the threat of foreclosure on my home; constant harassment from bill collectors; a bad case of shingles, and the sudden loss of most of my hair. Everything I had achieved, the reputation of integrity I had so carefully built and the magical life I had enjoyed for many years all disappeared. I was physically depleted, but needed money, so I did what I could to get a job. Even though I had a lot of professional skills and experience, there did not seem to be a place for me in the existing job market—I was turned down for one job after another.

There were no clues about what would be next, so I had no choice but to make peace with “not knowing.” A stream of what seemed like opportunities, but turned out to be “scams” presented themselves, creating more stress and additional debt. Had I not been able to rest the mind in the heart, I would likely have ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Fortunately, the profound realization I experienced in 1993 had become solid, enabling me to get through all of the chaos with abiding inner stillness.

I meditated frequently, and remained present with “what is,” as life continued to unfold. As I continued to dive into stillness, facing each new challenge, that stillness became the norm and the mind became quiet. At some point I recognized that my realization was now solid, and that there was nothing for “me” left to do except wait for whatever revealed itself next. The freedom from mind domination had simplified my life.








 今、私が欲するただ一つのこと、それはみなさんが覚醒して、みなさんも静けさを楽しむことができるようになることです。その静けさ、穏やかさがあったので、私は人生の試練に連続して直面したとき、ゆったりと心をうしなわずにやり遂げることができました。この経験を通して、心から覚醒に取り組む人には誰でも、つねに消えることのない内なる平和と幸せを味わい、たのしむことが可能なのだということに得心がいきました。それをお望みですか? お望みであれば、お手伝いします。

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